Make a difference

Right now we are helping 20 kids but our vision for the year of 2020 is to support over 50 children with parents with disabilities. We believe that education is a key to a better life and a bigger chance for these kids to support their parents when they grow up

Language classes

At our HQ base in Kigali, we offer English language classes to all our beneficiaries. We receive many international and local volunteers who come Monday to Thursday to teach English from 9am to 10am. We have developed a curriculum that suits the best and new volunteers can follow. In addition, we teach writing and reading skills to those who have never been to school. We didn’t adapt the school system of teaching as most of the beneficiaries have never been to school.

Art therapy

Art therapy was introduced at the beginning of TTA in 2015 and its aim was to get these people together and create artworks as a team work. The aim was for them to be in a community where they can feel comfortable and discuss shared problems they are facing as people with disabilities in a local society. The art therapy helped them to become confident and feel like they are no different to others. Recently, weaving baskets is considered as a form of art therapy where new members are meeting the existing members while working on something creative which at the same time provides an income for them.

Family planning

Family planning and reproductive health education is being taught by volunteers who are mostly midwifes or nurses from local hospitals. They are mostly having private one on one tuition, or ladies groups as they are teaching and talking about sensitive topics. These classes are not regular, but they happen a few times a year.

Kids support

We have started supporting children of parents with disabilities, so far we are supporting 20 kids. We believe that when their parents grow older, they will be less able to work, therefore they will need more support. If their children receive a good education, they will have better chances in the future with employment.

We are looking for volunteers

We would like to receive volunteers who are able to work independently, who are able to stay in rural areas for a few days and who are happy to do a research on our current beneficiaries. At this moment, we are preparing a portfolio for children of our beneficiaries, who need to go to school, but don't go because of lack of fees. The research would take place in 2 different places in rural areas and will include getting information for each child, family status, parent disability etc, plus taking pictures. The volunteer would also be able to teach English, have skills on computer and have talent in photography

We provide accomodation and meals. Fee is 7$ daily