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Our Talking Through Art Walking Tour offers an authentic fun, informative and uniquely personal insight into the culture, history, and daily life of Gikondo. Your Walking Tour will be led by a local guide who has lived and worked in Gikondo all his life and is a wealth of interesting information!

Our Walking Tour begins at Talking Through Art with a traditional snack and an introduction to the history of the centre and the work we do here. Our tour will weave through the back streets of our local neighborhood, Rujugiro, and we will take you to some of the highest vantage points overlooking Nyamirambo, the oldest part of Kigali, as well as lookouts with clear views of Mount Rebero and Mount Kigali where you will enjoy beautiful vistas and have time to take photographs.

We will lead you into one of the bustling traditional neighborhood street markets where you will be able to explore fresh local produce and enjoy the lively atmosphere. We will stop for a delicious freshly cooked sambusa snack and take a break at a nearby milk shop where you can try chilled ikivuguto, a traditional Rwandan beverage.

Our tour will continue through the backstreets to Gikondo central market where you will be able to experience local tailors, fabric stalls, fruit and vegetable stalls and enjoy Gikondo’s local customs and vibrant everyday life.

We will visit a local Women’s Craft Cooperative where you will observe the women completing their creative activities at the centre, as well as have the opportunity to purchase their beautiful and unique hand-sewn products, made from stunning kitenge designs.

Before returning to our centre, we will take a break in a popular local cafe, a down-to-earth spot where you will be given a warm welcome and enjoy the ambience of people chatting, laughing and enjoying one another’s company. Here we will enjoy a cool and refreshing sugar cane drink adjusted to your individual taste with lemon and ginger.

Finally, our tour passes at Huza Art Gallery before concluding back at Talking Through Art.

You are very welcome to stay and share a traditional lunch with us and we’d love you to enjoy the afternoon at the centre and learn how to weave a traditional Rwandan basket, which you can then take home with you.

Available Tour Options:

Morning Tour - (9:30 am – 12:00 pm) - 15,000 rwf

Afternoon Tour - (1:30 am – 4:00 pm) - 15,000 rwf

Morning Tour With Lunch - (9:30 am – 1:30 pm) – 18,000 rwf

Full Day Tour (including Morning Tour, lunch and weaving) – (9:30 am – 3:30pm) - 25,000 rwf


Group Size: 1 – 12

Cost: 15,000 rwf per person

Timing: 9:30am to 4pm

Tours offered: Monday to Friday (Walking Tours, Lunch and Basket Making), Saturdays (Walking Tour Only) except for the last Saturday of every month (Umuganda)

What’s included: Snacks, water, tea and coffee






Morning + Lunch


All day


Cash of the day of the tour


Credit card



Local neighborhood walk, stunning views and vantage points, traditional neighborhood street markets, fruit and vegetable stalls, local snacks: chapatis, sugar cane and sambusas, Milk bar, Charcoal market, Gikondo town market, fabric stalls and tailors, Women’s Cooperative, Juice Bar, Huza Art Gallery, Traditional Lunch and Basket Making masterclass (if required)

Let us know if there are any other places you would like to see and we will tailor the tour to your interests if possible. We can also adjust the timing of the walking tour to meet your individual schedule.

Note: There will be refreshments provided throughout our walking tour, but we’d recommend bringing water too. You are welcome to refill your water bottle at our centre before we leave for the tour. Sunscreen and a sun-hat can also be useful.

Please, wear comfortable shoes

Please, take water with you