Welcome to the Graveyard of Dreams.

You've stumbled upon a website dedicated to the TTRPG (tabletop roleplaying game) I've been running since early autumn of 2019. It's a game of Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary edition. Posted here are updates on the going-ons, as well as some major characters.

Don't get lost in the night.

The setting.

World of Darkness. Czech Republic, Prague. It is September of year 2019.

A long-time seat of the Camarilla, the city of Prague is being contested for the first time in centuries. There are major disagreements at the Seneschal's court leading to factions being formed. The Giovanni are moving into the city and staking their claim. Powerful Autarkis are making the city their home. To top it all off, there are whispers of Sabbat infiltrators already inside the borders.

It is a powder keg, waiting for a spark.

This is the place our coterie finds itself in.

The main cast.

These are the heroes, and this is their story.

"You need not only be the best, but prove that you are the best."

-Lucretia Giovanni

"The pursuit of knowledge must be tempered by wisdom."

-Cristo Giovanni

"The bad times are temporary, memories are forever; better to fill your mind with the good ones."

-Dominik Law

"Be careful. There might be a Nosferatu watching."


The supporting cast.

These are some of the important figures surrounding our heroes.

Latest events.

These are the latest developments in our dark version of Prague.